This new baiting concept from Starbaits gives you the opportunity to use boilies designed as additional baiting feed, all the boilies contain either seeds, nuts or other particle ingredient's in various forms. The baits have no artificial aromas or scents and smells only of the ingredients inside its make up. These boilie will breakdown at the same rate as any other boilie from the Starbaits stable, they are not quick dissolving or fast breakdown, they will however absorb water and quickly send out natural attractors and food signals all around them. They are very useful when you want to bait with Maize or Hemp etc and other nuisance fish attack your baiting mix, obviously it is harder for the smaller fish to take on the boilie. When the carp start to feed on FEEDZ there will be a considerable amount of seeds and nuts etc that will pass straight through the carp like the tiger nut scenario and also aid your baiting technique. Use feedz successfully with any other boilie you wish to. Feedz if you desire can be used as hook baits and will last on the hair. If used on the hook try glugging the hook bait in one of the many Starbaits liquid additives.