Without a doubt carp sacking has to be done with greatest of care, sacking carp can be devastating and can lead to death of a carp if it is not done correctly, follow these simple but important steps to safely and successfully sack your catch.??There are many different types of carp sacks available but here at Starbaits we have manufactured a variety of different sacks to offer you a safe and carp friendly product, use our traditional style sacks like the Clip sack or the Specimen sack knowing that the carp will be held safe and secure during use, use our Specialist carp sack to offer the carp the highest level of support and more importantly an exceptional amount of water exchange through the sack net material, a massive factor in the warmer months.??Please remember that if you have any doubts while sacking that there may be a detrimental effect on the carp's welfare then 'DON'T DO IT', look after your fish and you will reap greater rewards.