• Ultra-strong 210D polyester fabric
• 10 000mm hydrostatic head
• High resistance 19mm aluminium poles
• 2 poles plus one for the porch (3+1 on the continental model)
• 5 section poles
• One piece heavy duty groundsheet (bivy and porch)
• Bivy and porch sides can be rolled up
• Bivy and porch can be opened from the bottom and letterbox style from the top
• Canopy on the front of the bivy
• Porch door has a mosquito net
• Two additional mosquito nets on the porch sides
• Adjustable transparent PVC windows on the doors
• 2 anti-mosquito windows on the rear
• 80cm porch on the front of the bivy
• Designed to maximise internal space
• Velcro rod rests at the front of the bivy

Supplied with;
Top quality transport bag
Heavy duty groundsheet
Transparent PVC window for the door
Top quality screw in tent pegs.