The Barrow bag has some unique and practical features,  It has a solid EVA foam base for added protection and easy cleaning, It has rigid flaps that fold up onto the internal sides to make the Barrow bag a rigid box bag, these flaps can be unfastened again to enable you to fold the bag flat. As well as a zipped flat lid the Barrow bag has another zipped entry front  door so the bag can be stowed under bedchairs etc still allowing easy access to the bags conents. There are no external pockets so two or more Barrow bag scan fit snugly on the carp barrow, There is no shoulder strap but two hard plastic handles at each end of the bag for easy lifting from car to barrow and two long standard carrying handles on each side for ease of walking with the bag.
• 1 x Exterior mesh Pocket • Large Tank Zip for Strength • 4 x handles • Rigid EVA base • Internal Rigid side panel stiffners • Front panel, zipped  opening • 55 Litres compartment volume • Coloured box with images