A superb sleeping bag system guaranteed to provide you with all the comfort required. Having multi layers enables the user to adapt the bag to all weather conditions and heat requirements. The layers of the bags can be un-zipped and connected together to make these different seasonal bags. a soft polar pile fleece inner material with a soft touch outer waterproof skin.
- A combination of 2x duvets a 3season and 2season zipped together. (each Duvet can be used independently)
- Front and back fabric pocket for fitting to a bed chair
- Under bed chair support strap
- High Quality fast release zips both sides
- clips to lock the zips closed
- wind baffles fitted over zips
- removable pillow
- polar pile inner fleece.
- waterproof peach skin outer fabric
- length 220cm
- Width 100cm
weight 7.2KG