Carp sweets are a perfect description for our latest addition to the PROBIOTIC range – Banana Nut!??Carp are curious fish and our Banana Nut baits play on this. Based on powerful banana flavours coupled with the attraction of tiger nuts and boosted by an intense sweet enhancer, these new boilies are making quite a splash on natural venues. The yellow colour helps the bait stand out on the bottom and the flavours diffuse rapidly making this a great all year-round bait working even in very cold water.??All PROBIOTIC baits we have strict quality controls on all the natural ingredients and additives to ensure that our Banana Nut baits are of the highest quality.??To cover all eventualities, you will find a full range of complimentary baits including dips, po-ups and wafters.??We are sure you will go mad for our Banana Nut baits just like the hundreds of carp we caught during field testing!